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The Bible – Construction & Its Books


The Bible is composed of many different books. In this section, learn how the Bible is constructed and know the various books that make up the Holy Book:

The Bible consists of 66 books. The title of the first book is Genesis and the last book is entitled Revelation. The first 39 books were originally written in Hebrew, thus, we refer to them as Hebrew Scriptures. Together, these Hebrew Scriptures form about three quarters of the Bible. The last 27 books of the Bible were originally written in Greek. We refer to them with the words Greek Scriptures. Together, these Greek Scriptures form about one quarter of the entire Bible.

The writing of these Hebrew and Greek Scriptures took about 1600 years. The first human author was Moses. He wrote the first five books of the Bible in the year 1513 before Christ. The other Hebrew books were written between 1513 and about 440 before Christ. After that, there was a period of about 500 years in which no books were added to the ones that already existed. The first book of the Greek Scriptures was written by Matthew, about the year 40 after Christ. Sixty years later, about 100 after Christ, John wrote the last Bible book.

Though the writing of the Bible took some 1600 years and over 40 human authors contributed to it, all the 66 books form one inter-related whole that constantly demonstrates that the real author is someone who remains the same throughout all ages. He is the one who never changes his mind and who constantly progresses towards reaching the aims that he set out for Himself from the beginning of creation.