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What is the Bible?


There can be no doubt about it – as a book, the Bible surpasses all other books that have ever been written. There is no other book on earth of which so many copies have been printed and distributed: more than two thousand million! No other book has been translated into so many languages. No other book has had such a great impact on our history, our culture, and our society.

The Bible deals with the vital questions that arise within the minds of all people who want to know what their life is really about and want to make the most of it. The Bible deals with subjects like: the reason why the earth and life exist, the true meaning of time and of history, the place and meaning of human life in the universe, the nature of positive phenomena like peace, happiness, beauty, and negative occurrences like chaos, suffering, and death.

The Bible teaches that the earth and mankind owe their existence to God. It also demonstrates that God has created the earth and man to achieve certain ends that he wants to achieve. And the Bible teaches that it is certain that God will achieve these ends. The Bible also explains why people die and what they can expect after death. For Christians, the Bible is the book in which God himself speaks to them and tells them what they should and should not do.

But the Bible is not an easy book. It is an extremely thick book containing stories that originate from a way of living and thinking which differ widely from ours nowadays. Besides, there are hundreds of Biblical stories, as well as hundreds of names of persons, towns, and objects.