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Christian Bible Studies

The resources on this site will help you study the Bible on a professional level to learn the standard methods of interpreting the Bible used by clergymen and those who teach the Bible in our colleges, universities and seminaries. The two books listed on this site will guide you through the most famous and cherished texts in the Bible from the Creation Story through the Resurrection of Christ. Thus you will gain an overview of the whole Bible without laboring through a reading of the whole bible, so that when you do want to read texts you have never read before you will know how they fit into Salvation History. As you study these basic texts, you will learn all the accepted methods of interpreting biblical narrative, including such basic methods as cross-referencing, historical context, literary context, commentary, explication (close reading of texts) and some more advanced methods like concept analysis, word study, character study, plot analysis, interpretation of meaning, and textual comparison.

christian bible studiesI have written two books on Biblical Interpretation for amateurs who want to learn the professional methods of interpreting the Bible. The first book is a Bible Study text: Basic Biblical Interpretation: A Method and Survey. You will need to work through this book and the biblical texts it focuses on before you go to the second book: Companion Essays in Biblical Interpretation. The second book offers you more advanced interpretations of the same texts you will study in Basic Biblical Interpretation. It also explains and illustrates some more advanced methods of biblical interpretation, including word study, comparison of texts, and analysis of biblical concepts. You can find out more about these books by visiting their Web Pages on Xlibris.com, using the following links. Note: On each Web Page, you can read a description of the book, a sample chapter and an author biography. To access the author biography, click on the underlined author’s name in red.

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